Network Video Recorders

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Our network video recorders

Network video recordersNetwork video recorders are like DVRs, except they record in HD. You can only record IP Cameras with a NVR. Whereas in a traditional DVR, the video files are encoded (changed from video feeds to files) in the DVR, the video is encoded and processed in the IP Camera and then sent to the NVR to be saved, viewed, and stored. NVRs do not have video capture cards but usually have sophisticated (or multiple) Ethernet or wireless ports.

To help gain easy access and to stay in control of your IP surveillance systems you’ll need to invest in IP network video recorders. These high tech surveillance recorders are specifically built to offer IT surveillance owners the chance to watch real time footage as well as playback recordings stored over time. Having an IP network video recorder is essential to store and audit IP cctv recordings.

You might have the best cctv models in operation but if you fail to integrate recording software, NVR systems and other surveillance accessories, when it comes to assessing the recordings, you might be left frustrated with its results. These IP network video recorders capture footage from multiple cameras at resolutions that just can’t be matched by traditional CCTV. Such high tech IP cctv requires high tech control systems to view and control these findings, without this you’ll fall short of the entire service.

Our expert team of highly trained and professional installation technicians can install most camera systems in a single day. We perform security systems installations for southern Georgia and north Florida. We cover the following locations: Jacksonville, Orange Park, St John’s county, St Augustine, Arlington, south side, Kingsland Georgia, Duval County, Clay County, Northside Jacksonville, Riverside. Installations for locations outside of this area can be scheduled based on the size of the job. Contact us if you have any questions about availability in your area.